Underfloor Insulation

What Is Underfloor Insulation?

Underfloor insulation is a layer of material placed beneath your home's floor, which helps to keep the indoor temperature comfortable and can save you money on energy bills.


How Is It Installed?


Lifting the Floor: To install underfloor insulation, a professional will access the space beneath your home, often by temporarily lifting the floorboards.

Insulation Installation: They will lay down insulating material, which can be in the form of rolls, boards, or spray foam. This material acts as a barrier to prevent heat from escaping through the floor.

Replacing Floor: After the insulation is in place, the floorboards are put back, and any visible changes are minimal. You won't notice the insulation, but you'll feel the difference in your home's comfort.


The Benefits:


Underfloor insulation makes your home cosier, especially in colder months, and can lead to energy savings because you won't need to use as much heating. It's like giving your home a warm, energy-efficient foundation.


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